10 Golden Rules for Healthy Psychology

Mental disorders are as important as physical diseases. 450 million people worldwide are affected by mental illness.

Memorial Antalya Hospital Psychiatry Department Specialist Dr. Nehir Kürklü gave recommendations for healthy psychology.

  1. Give importance to your regular lifestyle.
  2. Hike, swim or do other sports activities regularly
  3. Spend a day of the week in a hobby that you enjoy.
  4. Be sure to sleep at least 7-8 hours per day.
  5. Avoid intense alcohol consumption.
  6. Take care to eat light foods and eat healthily.
  7. Don’t stay hungry for long hours.
  8. Limit the use of social media and the internet.
  9. Read books or newspapers for at least half an hour each day and reduce phone calls as much as possible.
  10. Listen to light music and do relaxation exercises throughout the day.

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