10 Harmful Foods For Teeth

Hospitadent Bağcilar Dental Hospital, Chief Physician Dt. Oğuz Kara explained 10 harmful food and drink should be avoided in order to have a healthy smile.


Smoking: damage to teeth and gums, causes bad breath.


Alcohol: saliva is the first line of defense to reduce the effects of plaque and acid in our mouth. So everything that cause of dry mouth is harmful to the teeth. Baecause alcohol is also a drink that cause dry mouth it shouldn’t be used.


Fruit Juices: the foods, its pH below 7 damage teeth. Because juices has PH 2.5 it is harmful to the teeth.


Lemon: Because lemon has ph 2 it is harmful to teeth.


Coke: It is one of the most harmful beverages. Because it contains sugar, phosphoric asithe and citric acid.


Energy drinks: They are harmful to teeth due to the citric acid and sugar content.


Sticky foods (Turkish delight, gumdrop etc.): Harmful than sweet confections. Because they give more sugars and comprise also citric acid.


Dried Fruits: Dried fruits contain carbohydrates. Also dry fruits remain longer in the mouth due to stickiness.


Ice: chewing ice is not a good idea. If you have old large fillings your teeth can break easily.


White bread: amylase is an enzyme that exists in saliva and convert carbohydrates into sugar. If there is no plaque in the mouth there is nothing to turn sugar into acid and creates tooth decay.


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