10 Misconceptions About Pregnancy

From Memorial Hizmet Hospital Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Op. Dr. Nadide Korkut gave information about 10 misconceptions about pregnancy.

  1. Mothers should eat two portions.

False! Mothers should gain only 9-16 weight during pregnancy.

  1. Sexual intercourse harms baby during pregnancy.

False! Pregnancy does not constitute an obstacle to sexual life and have no harm to the baby.

  1. If unborn baby’s hair is too much, mother has nausea during whole pregnancy.

False! As a result of pressure on the diaphragm and stomach in gestational weeks or eating too much, complaints increases.

  1. Getting on the plane while pregnant can cause miscarriage.

False! Travelling during pregnancy is not objectionable. But short distances by car and if possible by airplane up to 2 hours should be preferred.

  1. Premature baby is not survive or be unhealthy.

False! Premature babies can capture the developmental level of thier peers in a short time and can have a healthy life.

  1. Pregnant women can not pass through X-ray machines.

False! Radio is risky for pregnant women, but X-ray devices have not a big risk to pregnant women and their babies.

  1. If pregnant woman does not eat what she is craving a limb of the baby would be missing.

False! Craving is a psychological condition for pregnant women.

  1. Pregnants do not sport.

False! Heavy and tough sports should not be done in this period but but regular walking, swimming and light exercise are recommended.

  1. Hair dyed and make-up harms baby.

False! Mother during pregnancy can dye her hair but generally should be avoided from chemicals.

  1. Pregnancy lasts for 9 months.

False! It lasts 40 week.


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