10 Natural Solutions to Bad Breath

“People who have a bad breath do not smile, they do not even want to talk,” said Dentist Pertev Kökdemir. He added; “Solution is so easy. Go to your kitchen and solve bad breath problem by one of these nutrition.”

Cheese: Studies show that the cheese, which is eaten immediately after eating, reduces the acid level in the mouth and prevents the formation of caries.

Apple, pear, carrot: These foods cleanse the spit by the fiber they contain and the breath freshener.

Lemon: You can add sliced lemon into the soda and you can eat these when you finish it.

Mint-parsley: A few leaves of peppermint or a few branches of parsley that you consume as raw are effective in naturally cleaning your breath.

Coffee: After meals, drinking Turkish coffee is also effective against bad breath.

Carnation: Chewing carnation is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to remove bad breath that everyone knows.

Zinc chewing gum: Products containing zinc, such as zinc toothpaste and zinc chewing gum, destroy the odor. Take advantage of your chewy gum when you can not brush your teeth.

Yogurt: All kinds of foods and beverages rich in probiotics (especially yogurt) take an important place in reducing the bad breath when consumed regularly.

Cinnamon: It is known that chewing or consumption of cinnamon can work in the fight against bacteria in the mouth.

Drink plenty of water: Frequent and drink plenty of water is effective in reducing bad breath. Drinking plenty of water helps to prevent saliva, especially smell.


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