10 Steps For The Development Of Intelligence In Children

Anadolu Health Center Children’s Health and Disease Specialist Dr. N. Kemal Akpınar said that parent’s attitudes and behaviors play a significiant role in chilren’s mental development.


  1. Take Precautions Before Birth

Mother’s balanced and adequate nutrition, taking necessary vitamin for brain of baby are one of the factors in the development of the central nervous system quite effectively.


  1. Healthy Pregnancy Process

Because of increasing blood flow to the baby, healthy eating habits as well as do a workout during pregnancy will be effective in mental development.


  1. Sound Body Sound Mind

Environmental conditions in which the child is located, frequent infections, improper nutrition can also adversely effects on brain health.


  1. Do Not Say “It’s Genetics”

The potential for the discovery of the child’s intelligence also need support in a positive way after his/her birth.


  1. Feed His/Her Natural

Some oils and additives used in the ready-made food can negatively affect brain health.


  1. Consult Your Doctor For Selecting Formula

Formula producing companies support formulas with some products such as various fatty acids that support brain development, mandatory substance called nucleotides and proteins.


  1. Leave Toy Selection To Your Child

Families wonder particularly suitable for the development of children’s toys and games intelligence. But as soon as the baby begins to know itself she/he already shows interest in the objects around first.


  1. Keep Away Your Child From Technological Devices

High intelligence product technology tools are among the most important causes of marginalization.


  1. Show Your Love Before Anything Else

Love is the one essential for both revealing potential intelligence and development of child.


  1. Support Their Ability

The motivation of the child, supporting their ability is also an important consideration in the development of intelligence. Children can be really talented or intelligent.


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