10 Suggestions Protecting From Breast Cancer

In our country and in the world, it is possible to be protected from breast cancer, which is frequently seen in the world, by conscious controls and regular lifestyle. With the improvements in treatment methods, in cases diagnosed at an early stage, approximately 100% treatment success is achieved but some precautions should be taken in order not to get the disease at all.

From Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Breast Health Center Prof. Dr. Fatih Aydoğan gave information about the measures that can be taken against breast cancer.

  1. Exercise at least 3 hours per week
  2. Avoid radiation
  3. Do not postpone birth after age 30
  4. Breastfeed your baby as long as possible
  5. Use limited hormone therapy
  6. Limit the use of alcohol
  7. Check your weight
  8. Do not sleep  in a bright environment at night
  9. Protected by Mediterranean type nutrition
  10. Reduce your contact with cigarettes

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