10 Ways To Stop Smoking

Every year millions of people experiencing health problems due to smoking or even worse losing their lifes. If you smoke the most beautiful thing you can do is to quit smoking for improving your health and enhacing your quality of life. Due to the strong physically and psychologically addictive effects of nicotine it is really hard to quit smoking. Liv Hospital specialist Family Medicine Eren Eroğlu M.D. gave information about ten methods for facilitating give up smoking.

10 ways to stop smoking

  1. Select a date to quit and stay stick to that day. Talk with people who quit smoking before and share their experiences. Get support from your family, friends and your doctor.
  2. Consider your health risks and make list about possible diseases especially cancer. Hang it where you can see at any time.
  3. Make a note of your habits and behaviors related to smoking. Write where and when you enjoy smoking cigarette. Deal with another things at this times.
  4. Make regular exercise or a 20-30 minutes brisk walking every day. Benefit from relaxing methods such as meditation or yoga.
  5. Send away your cigarette and accessories from home, office and car. Remove the ashtray, lighter and matches.
  6. Pay attention to your nutrition. Don’t consume chocolates, cakes, cookies, candies and pastries instead of cigarette.
  7. Go to the cinema, theater and musicals. prefer non-smoking areas in restaurant, hotels.
  8. If drinking coffe triggers smoking, you should choose freshly squeezed juices, green tea and herbal tea. Most important for detoxify your body drink water.
  9. If you like cigarette and alcohol dual, try not to get alcohol at the time you quit smoking.
  10. Be stubbornness and never trow in the towel.

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