11 Important Reasons for Drinking Water

Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Family Physician Didem Altay Gazi said that t is especially necessary to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day in the summer months and added; “There are innumerable benefits of drinking water from reflux prevention to weight control, from a headache to smooth skin and even to stress, also inadequate taking has damages that can cause life-threatening problems. Dr. Didem Altay Gazi explained 11 benefits of drinking water.

  1. It’s good for joint aches
  2. It illumines
  3. Renews skin
  4. Prevents cramps
  5. Fights with stress
  6. Support in pregnancy
  7. Prevents constipation
  8. Reduces bad breath
  9. Protects the liver and kidneys
  10. Feeds the heart and veins
  11. Treats reflux and gastritis

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