12 Airplane Travel Recommendation to the Blood Pressure Patients

Nearly all blood pressure patients can make air travel comfortably said Prof. Dr. Tekin Akpolat Nephrology Expert from Liv Hospital and he made a proposal.

  • Do not retard your medication time although you’re flying.
  • Stay away from salty food.
  • Sleeping during the flight can be useful.
  • Reading a book is also a good alternative, time passes quickly.
  • You need to move occasionally on long flights.
  • It is useful to learn the exercises that can be done while you are sitting.
  • Go early to the airport so you can reduce both the stress of flight and the time to walk.
  • Short-term delays, waiting for luggage is also an opportunity to walk.
  • Getting a flu vaccine.
  • On long flights, choose healthy menus.
  • Sit down in the corridor if you have diuretics drugs among your medications.

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