12 Important Tips When Using a Cell Phone

Acıbadem Ankara Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Nural Aydın ordered the recommendations that help to ergonomic use of mobile phones.

  1. When using a cell phone, lift your phone instead of tilting your head.
  2. Position your phone in the jaw or slightly below the screen while reading the screen.
  3. Try to use your other fingers as an alternative to your thumbs when writing a message or a mail.
  4. When you write with your thumb try to write with your palm of your thumb instead of twisting your finger.
  5. Keep your wrists straight and comfortable as possible.
  6. Lower the strain on your wrists and fingers when you use your devices.
  7. Avoid looking down for a long time because it causes straightening in the neck and inward tilts at the shoulder.
  8. Do not put your smart device in a place of your neck that will cause rotation, also called rotation.
  9. Keep your messages as short as possible or use voice recognition software. Excessive keystroke will cause more wrist-finger fatigue.
  10. Use your phone in a vertical position while talking on touchscreen phones. This will reduce the amount of space your shoulder should reach to press the key while typing.
  11. Do not use mobile phones or tablets for long periods of time.
  12. Limit your writing time to 10-15 minutes. Give small breaks every 15 minutes for at least 2-3 minutes.

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