12 Measures to Protect From Eczema

It is very important to take some precautions to prevent eczema, which is common in society, usually occurring in the hands, fingers, arms, and hair.

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Department of Dermatology Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Okan, listed the measures as follows.

  1. Ensure that the temperature in your environment is well balanced and has an adequate moisture content.
  2. Use neutral soaps
  3. Adjust the bathing frequency according to the season, take care to have a bath every other day.
  4. Do not bathe in very hot water, do not use pouches and hard washcloths. Use body moisturizer after the bath.
  5. Ventilate your home often.
  6. Keep dusty items such as woolen or polar blankets, duvets, carpets and toys out of the bedroom.
  7. Humid your hand frequently.
  8. Use gloves when cleaning. Make sure that cleaning agents such as detergents, bleach do not contact with your hands.
  9. Avoid woolen clothes as much as possible in the cold weather or if you wear use cotton.
  10. Do not touch raw foods with bare hands such as raw vegetables, fruits, onions, meat, and fish.
  11. Make cleaning your hands with warm water, use paper towels.
  12. Try to stay away from the stress.

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