12 Tips For a Light Dining Out

American Hospital Head of the Nutrition and Diet Department specialist dietician Tuğçe Aytulu gave important tips for those who eat outside.

  1. Especially eat a little snack before 2 hours. So you can control your appetite more easily when you eat.
  2. Eat slowly and chew much.
  3. Choose low-fat foods.
  4. Choose the appetites carefully. Prefer olive oil, vegetable and yogurt meals instead of fries.
  5. Sometimes the garnishes may have high calories than the meal. Instead of fried potatoes as garnish ask for potato salad, instead of onion rings ask raw or boiled vegetables.
  6. Add tomato sauce to your pasta instead of cream sauce.
  7. Instead of the salads added with sauces, you should ask for not sauced salads and add yourself. As a sauce, flavors such as lemon, vinegar, pomegranate syrup, yogurt, mustard can be easily preferred.
  8. Stay away from fatty meat options and always ask for the portion size of the meat product you choose.
  9. Floury sauces like bechamel sauce increase the calorie of your meal. For this reason, unsalted, baked, grilled fish or white meat are better choices for low-calorie intake.
  10. Instead of fruit juices as a drink, you should prefer such as ayran, soda.
  11. Do not allow your glass to be filled before you finish drinking your alcoholic beverage. Prefer drinks with low alcohol content.
  12. After a light meal prefer options like a fruit-based dessert, fruit ice cream, sorbet or zucchini dessert, and share it if possible.

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