13 Way To Stay Healthy

Memorial Ataşehir Hospital Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department Prof. Dr. Azmi Özler gave information about the things to be careful about healthy heart and healthy life.

  1. Set a good example for your child about nutrition and exercise.
  2. Try to be optimistic in any case.
  3. Take care to take 10 thousand steps per day, at least 5 thousand steps in open areas.
  4. Stay away from tobacco and tobacco products. Do not even use smoking areas.
  5. Stay away from fast food. Take care to eat organic food.
  6. Keep out of sugar and salt, consume carbohydrate controlled.
  7. If you have blood pressure problems, you should definitely deal with it.
  8. Do not forget that diabetes is one of the biggest enemies of vascular health.
  9. Keep your weight under control. It is a good formula to reduce your food by half and double your movement.
  10. Find out ways to cope with stress.
  11. Pay attention to regular and good quality sleep.
  12. Try to stay away from electromagnetic fields.
  13. Make your circle of friend with cheerful people that have positive contributions to you.

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