15 Nutritional Recommendations for Chemotherapy Patients

Memorial Ankara Hospital Department of Nutrition and Diet Emine Yüzbaşıoğlu gave feeding tips for chemotherapy patients.

  1. People should try to eat their favorite food by motivating themselves positively in times of no appetite. Patients with nausea while certainly should not be forced to eat.
  2. Should be fed little and frequent. It’s not right to expect hungry for food.
  3. Instead of juicy foods, solid foods should be preferred in main courses. Watery foods will cause less food to eat than they will give a feeling of saturation.
  4. Especially during periods when the patient is sick, he/she should stay away from greasy, sugary and fried foods. Instead, salty and dry foods (crackers, low-fat cheese, chickpea, lean toast, lean pasta, etc.) may be preferred.
  5. A person can eat his/her food in an airy, light, non-crowded environment and in a favorite music.
  6. The patient should choose small, but high-calorie foods during periods when the patient has no appetite to get the calorie they need daily. These may include milk and fruit desserts, molasses, honey, coffee, freshly squeezed juices, rice or pasta.
  7. Care should be taken to consume red meat, chicken fish or eggs for protein requirements. If at least one of these main meals is consumed more conveniently, the person can eat his / her meal prepared with a suitable cooking method.
  8. 6-8 glasses of water a day should be drunk. If the person does not want to drink water; such as buttermilk herbal tea, fruit juice, should meet the needs of the beverage liquid.
  9. Herbal mixtures should never be used without consulting a physician.
  10. Meal times should be adjusted according to the time when the person feels well. If possible, he/she should walk in fresh air before meals.
  11. Foods that are cold or yogurt should be preferred in an environment away from food smells during periods when they are sensitive to odor.
  12. Spices such as peppermint and thyme should be used to reduce the unpleasant smells of food and make it tastier, and care should be taken to ensure that the food presentation is appetizing.
  13. Should be avoided from the smells such as heavily fragrant, smoking and smell of food that may disturb the person.
  14. When it is nauseous, deep and slow breathing exercises should be done. If there is constant nausea, the person should be directed to activities that will distract themselves, such as watching television, listening to music, knitting or reading books.
  15. Some menthol candies can be relaxing.

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