5 Delicious Street Foods Of Istanbul

There are a variety of restaurants in Istanbul that appeal to every culture. But you can feel hungry or be tired when you come around the Istanbul you can find snacks at the street dealer. Here is the list of the best street foods.



If you like eating fish you should follow the smell of fish that comes from multicolored boats. Walk up and buy a fish-bread. The fish is cleaned and fried on grill or oil. It’s your choice. And placed in the middle of the bread with lettuce and onion.


Turkish Bagels

It’s a kind of savory roll that covered with sesame seed. In Turkish, it is called Simit. Simit are usually sold by the street dealer in red trolleys or trays. It is baked daily. It’s cheap. If you have a lot of time for a meal you can satisfy your hunger with simit.


Roasted Chestnut

Delicious chestnuts smile you from the red trolleys. It’s the most preferred snack. It is cut into the skin and put on the grill. Then its skin opens. Roasted chestnuts are served in little paper bags.



Boiled or roasted? You can taste corn at red trolleys in Istanbul’s streets. It is boiled or roasted and placed into the corncob. Be careful it can be stuck between your teeth.

halka tatlıı

Ring Shaped Dessert

Are you desire a dessert when you walk around the Istanbul? Then come close to the trolleys or sweet shops and buy a ring-shaped dessert. It’s very sweet and crusty. The dough is fried in oil and is held in the syrup. But if you are on a diet it has a little bit of high-calorie.


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