6 Gift Ideas In İstanbul

When you visit a different country you want to taste traditional foods and also have your family members or friends experience them. Or when you see specific items you want to buy them for memory. Here are 6 gift ideas you can find in İstanbul.

turkish delight

Turkish Delight-Spice Bazaar

Turkish delight is a traditional sweet of Turkish cuisine. It is a gel of starch and sugar. Has many varieties. It flavored with rosewater, mastic, lemon etc. In some of them, hazelnuts and walnuts are placed in the middle. You can find them in the gift box or you can prepare your own taste.

turkish coffee

Turkish Coffee-Eminönü

It is a kind of coffee that is simmered in a pot. It is served special cups that are particularly produced for Turkish coffee. You can find ground Turkish coffee in pockets. But don’t forget to buy special cups.


Jewelry-Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar is the oldest covered market in the world and also the biggest. You can find many kinds of thing but we recommend jewelry. There are many jewelry stores. You can watch shining windows of them and will admire their beauties.


Carpet-Grand Bazaar

In Turkish culture, weaving carpet is an art. In carpet stores, you can find unique woven carpets from all over Turkey. Also, there are antique carpets. You will like handcrafted stunning motifs.


Souvenirs – Grand Bazaar

You may want to buy some souvenirs for your family or friends from İstanbul. You can find many kinds of souvenirs that are suitable for every budget. Silver pieces, copper and bronze souvenirs, decorative items, leathers, Turkey memories.


Dress-İstiklal Street

In İstiklal Street there are many shopping arcades and also modern dress stores. While you do shopping in well-known brands store you can try small stores in shopping arcades. You can find dresses for all taste and ages and every budget.


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