6 Misconceptions In IVF

Op. Dr. Mehmet Öztürkmen who is in charge of Memorial Antalya Hospital IVF Center gave information about misconceptions in IVF treatment.

  • Egg culturing and collection process is very painful and difficult process.

False. IVF is a neither difficult nor painful treatment.

  • Women can not work during IVF treatment, she should rest for a long time.

False. During growth of egg, patients can continue their normal life.

  • With IVF treatment twins or triplets pregnancy may be prefered.

False. There are some criterias.

  • In IVF treatment others’ sperm and eggs can be mixed.

False. During IVF treatment, special recognition systems are used in laboratories.

  • There is no age limit for IVF.

False. After age of 40 success rate decreases.

  • IVF treatment causes early menopause.

False. A process that will lead to early menapose is not applied.


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