7 Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Young

There are various ways of keeping your brain healthy and young. Well, what can we do about it? Okan University Hospital Neurology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Nihal Işık gave important information for everyone to apply easily and for a healthy future.

Exercise – Sports

Exercise should be regular, but not heavy. You can walk half an hour every day, exercise at home if you can, play with the garden, swim.

If there is a time problem, physical activity should be provided in daily activities. For example, do not drive at walking distances, park away, use ladders instead of elevators.

Mind Exercises

These activities must be regular and frequent, not boring, containing learning new information, based on always repeating the same things. Activities that can be done at home, such as reading books, discussing a theme, playing memory games, paper games, puzzles, and solving sudoku. If possible, learn to play a new language or musical instrument, get hobbies, travel or chat with different groups.

Healthy Nutrition

Fruits and vegetables, from healthy oils (fish, olive oil, walnuts, almonds) and whole grain-rich diet; keep the vascular structure healthy and clean and protects the brain from various damage.

Good Night Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for the placement and integration of information put into memory. Studies have shown that sleeping at night for 6-8 hours is ideal. But sleep quality is also as important as it is for a while.


Studies have shown that smokers do not remember faces and names as well as non-smokers. Does cigarette affect the memory directly or is not known due to illnesses affecting brain health (such as lung diseases, high blood pressure, paralysis).



Scientists have found that long-term stress is a permanent effect on the brain and that it causes loss of function.


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