9 Dangerous Superstition in Breast Cancer

With an early diagnosis of breast cancer, complete success can be achieved in the treatment however, superstition adversely affects both the early diagnosis and the treatment process. But what are these common fallacy in society?

Acıbadem Maslak Hospital General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Cihan Uras talked about the 9 superstitions in breast cancer and made important warnings and suggestions.

  1. Palpation is unnecessary! FALSE!

TRUE: Palpation saves lives. Every woman after the age of 20 separates 10 minutes once a month and performs a breast self-examination, is the first step in early diagnosis and helps to recognize breast cancer before it reaches the advanced stages.

  1. There’s no cancer in my family, I won’t be! FALSE!

TRUE: Only 10 percent of all breast cancer women have breast cancer. As well as genetic predisposition and environmental factors even being a woman carry the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Mammography is harmful! FALSE!

TRUE: Every woman without a family history of cancer has to have a mammography from the age of 40. The radiation dose is extremely low on new devices. The same amount of radiation dose is taken on a long flight. However, early diagnosis through mammography saves lives.

  1. I don’t get cancer when I’m breastfeeding! FALSE!

TRUE: There is no doubt that breastfeeding benefits cancer. However, the bulk may develop during breastfeeding.

  1. If there is cancer there would be bulk! FALSE!

TRUE: In the breast cancer, bulk is one of the important symptoms but not the only symptom. It is necessary to be very careful against symptoms such as any nipple collapse, color changes in the breast skin, growth or deformity in the breast, nipple discharge.

  1. Breast cancer is only seen in women! FALSE!

TRUE: Although men form 1 percent of all breast cancer patients also there is a risk in men.

  1. Medicinal plants are more useful than medical treatment! FALSE!

TRUE: Medicinal plants which are becoming more common in the society do not have any scientific benefit. On the contrary, it can harm rather than a benefit.

  1. Chemotherapy is damaging to the baby when you are pregnant! FALSE!

TRUE: In the case of delay in the treatment of breast cancer, the risk of the spread of the disease is increasing. Therefore, it is imperative to start treatment without losing time, even during pregnancy.

  1. Cancer is spread if the knife is touch. FALSE!

TRUE: On the contrary, cancer carries a risk of spreading in the body because the cancerous tissue is very rich in blood vessels, it is spreading through the blood and lymph through the veins feeding it.


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