A Support For Health Tourists

“Patient Travel Support Protocol” was signed by Minister of Economic Nihat Zeybekçi and Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board İlker Aycı in a ceremony.

As the details of the protocol conditions;

  1. Is valid for Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Balkans Asia and Far East regions.
  2. Is applied to passengers who treated in hospital that has an agreement with the Turkish Airlines. Apply only JCI accredited hospitals in first stage (within the scope of the previous medical tourism).
  3. Is available in Economy Class ticket.
  4. Passengers are required to be members of the M&S.
  5. Ticketing is made in the overseas sales offices. In the first stage repayment is not made for ticketing from agency.
  6. Is begin to be applied 1 November 2015.
  7. Our ticketing offices within the scope of health tourism arranging ticket for; passenger is required to submit his/her passport (foreigners) and a document that indicated he/she will treat at least one of the conventional hospital. A copy of documents must be filed by abroad directorates.
  8. Ticketing sales staff must take a screenshot showing that makes the most appropriate system sales. The screenshot must be filled by abroad directorates until sent to Ankara Sales Board verging on sending to the Ministry of Economy.
  9. For receiving repayment in the scope of patient travel legislation passengers from our overseas offices; sales staff should explain verbally that the passanger can be get repayment in the case of getting example of passport, the electronic ticketing, example of health care organizations note of entry and treatment bill.
  10. The information that passangers need to go to ticketing office in the 3 months starting from the date of the first flight for getting repayment, must be given verbally by the salesperson.
  11. If the passanger who treated in Turkey, documenting the treatment at ticketing and applied in the 3 months from the date of flight, bring the documents requested by the Ministry of Economy; International patient’s passport example, electronic ticket, example of health care organizations note of entry and treatment bill to ticketing overseas offices, ticket fares (including taxes), 50% (to a maximum of US $ 1,000) will be repaid.
  12. “GN F-00531” code should be used in order to EMD regulation by the sales staff, connecting to the original ticket and following the passangers benefit from incentives.
  13. Repayment is taken over charge as held for the first ticket.
  14. Documents that is submitted to sales office must be maintained until delivered to Ankara Sales Board.
  15. A document should be arranged by sales staff that show repayment was made (50% of the ticket price) and filling “Treated International Patient List” located in Appendix 3, with submitted documents by passanger, forward to Ankara Sales Board by both e-mail and co-mail.
  16. Middle East, Asia and the Far East, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Africa sales offices are obliged to the above-mentioned documents each month between 1 and 5 to Ankara Sales Board.

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