Benefits of Fruits Hidden in Numbers

“The fruits that strengthen the immune system, regenerate the skin and protect against cancer and heart diseases become harmful when not paying attention to the portion control. Especially diabetics should be more careful,” said Yeşim Özcan Nutrition and Diet Expert at Acıbadem Maslak Hospital. Özcan explained the ideal consumption formulas of some fruits.


A portion of the grapes is equivalent to 15 pieces. because it is a high sugar fruits exceeding this number can lead to fatty liver.


One serving is equivalent to 15-20 pieces. Heart and blood pressure patients should be cautiously consumed since it is a blood thinner.


One slice (80 grams) equals 1 portion. When consuming watermelon, especially those with insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and diabetic patients need to control consumption.


3-4 fresh or dried apricots per day is equivalent to 1 portion. Since it is a fruit with a high fiber content, it is very good for those who have constipation problems, excessive consumption can increase the problem of diarrhea.


1 teacup of mulberry equals 1 portion. However, often it is not paid attention to its portion and if it is consumed excessively, instead of strengthening the immunity, it reduces the immunity, on the contrary, it can cause the abdominal pain and nausea and disturbs the general health condition. In the meantime, due to the pesticide residue of the mattress needs to be washed well.


2 pieces of fresh figs are equivalent to 1 portion, those with insulin resistance should consume carefully. You can choose 1 glass of milk while consuming figs to balance your blood sugar.


Because it contains high potassium, patients with kidney disease and hyperpotassemia need to consume in consultation with their doctor. 2 slices of melon per day are equivalent to 1 portion of fruit.


10 small-sized plums are equivalent to 1 serving of fruit, consuming with salt can cause edema in the body. Particularly, blood pressure patients must eat without spilling salt.


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