Coming to terms with an agency is an important factor to benefit from a perfect medical travel. The representatives of the agency will make the most convenient program for you. You can rely on them when you feel like a stranger. You can make a better contact with the representatives of the agency in the language that you choose. They will help you choose for the medical center that best suits for your treatment.

The person in charge from the agency you chose, will plan the medical service you’ll take, the place where you’ll stay and even cultural and historical sightseeing.

The JCI (Joint Commission International)Institution was designed to improve the quality of all services presented by medical institutions.The institution aims to improve the quality of the patient care, to assure a reliable invironment, and to reduce the risks oriented to patients, staff and visitors.

There are already some models within the context of certain principles, in order to improve the quality service in public and international institutions. The quality service of the hospitals is being proved by certificates. You won’t have any problems regarding the quality of patient’s care and patient reliability in such hospitals. The service processes are based on scientific and rightful laws.

It would be the best start if you do a list before packing. Don’t forget to take your passport, flying tickets, identity card, health insurance card, ATM and credit card, enough money in cash, the pills you’re currently using and medical devices.

Ask your doctor what can happen to you after being operated. Talk about what you should do and shouldn’t do. If you notice things like discomfort, bleeding or infection you must see your doctor immediately.

You can take a certain amount of pills with you in Turkey. Don’t forget to take the drugs’prescription with you. In order to prevent illegal drugs’attempt, there have been taken important steps inTurkey. The problems you’ll have in this respect might affect your journey.

It’s useful for you to learn about the location and temperature degrees of the town you’re going to travel to. Yourtravel agency will mention you the hotels in the town you chose.

The best you know the treatment you need, the easiest will be for you to choose a doctor. When choosing the doctor, it’s better to stay in touch with the doctor in your country. If possible, ask for a recommendation letter from the doctor you’re seeing. If you have some questions regarding the doctor, ask for a second or third alternative.

Choosing your doctor is a very important issue. If you cannot decide between a few names, then consult with your own doctor or the travel acency consultant. Only when sure, you can move on.

If you choose your doctor for the treatment, we recommend you to send by e-mail or by fax to the International Patient Center your medical history (x-ray, lab results, and so on). So that the doctor who examines your medical history, will inform you about the treatment possibilities and advise you to come to Turkey.

A lot of people advise you not to bring with you a close friend or relative when travelling for health. Our advice is to find a travel companion that will help you throughout.

Even the most brave and adventorous travellers give importance to information and experience. That’s why check on your travel agency before making a payment.

You may be confused with payments, appointments, recommendations, flight and hotel alternatives. Make a to-do list and don’t forget to take it with you.

Establishing a medical communication is one of the most important part of your medical travel. Most of the hospitals in Turkey have English speaking staff. You won’t have any communication problems.

Inform your bank about your medical travel before your departure. If you intend to pay for your treatment by credit card inform the bank about where you go and your time period. Do not forget to chek your credit card limit.

When you decide to travel to Turkey or to another country, get information about the history and geography of that country. You can benefit from travel guides. Take a look at that country’s local papers too. Also you should check the weather.

Control your visa date before travelling so you can prevent any troubles. After coming to Turkey, you can stay here as a tourist for 3 months. It’s no need to fill a form for a tourist visa. If you come by plane, you can take your visa from the Turkish airports. You can get more information about visa fees at You’ll see visa booth before passport control booths. You can take your visa from officials before going to passport control. Each traveller (including children) should have a visa. Do not forget that in Turkey you cannot work, get education or set up a business with a tourist visa.

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