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Abdi İbrahim

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Abdi İbrahim started out as a pharmacy in the neighborhood of Küçükmustafapaşa about 100 years ago. Since 2003, however, it has been the leading company in the Turkish pharmaceuticals markets, operating out of its factory, which was opened in 1912 in Mahmutpaşa with the name Abdi İbrahim Müstahzarat-ı İspençiyariye.Abdi İbrahim in line with the company’s policy, it has successfully adapted experience and knowledge acquired overtime to present conditions, thereby enabling sustainable development. Moreover, we continue to become more and more successful by entering foreign markets.Abdi İbrahim provides pharmaceutical services to the healthcare sector that are beneficial in maintaining people’s health. Its innovativeness has been a major factor behind its increasingly improving performance. Accordingly, as a century-old company, through our business both at home and abroad and our R&D experience, we have been an exemplar company in the sector.