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Adramis Thermal Hotel

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Adramis Thermal Hotel, which is situated in the province of Edremit, Balıkesir provides wonderful holiday opportunities and accomodation, giving much importance to hygiene and quality. Adramis Thermal Hotel has 1 indoor semi-olympic thermal swimming pool, 1 outdoor semi-olympic swimming pool and 1 thermal swimmimg pool especially for ladies.Indoor and outdoor restaurant with a capacity of 250 persons unique tastes of Turkish cuisine and local flavors to explore the world-famousVitamin Cafe; 24-hour cold and hot drinks and fast-food yiyecekleriyle service.Massage & PeelingBenefits of Massage (Indications)Massage in general is beneficial in removing the following ailments:Fatigue: a special feeling we call muscular fatigue in the name of work is continued without interruption occurs.Physical fatiguephysical fatigue capacity of the causes muscular strain.Physiological fatigueLong Time düşeme muscle contractions were found to be primarily at the speed of nerve-muscle contact importerSo before thenerve fibers of the muscles message, then develop physiological fatigue.

Biochemical Fatigue: The muscular energy is required for the maintenance of activity, energy production esansında occurs in a number of ancillaryproducts such as lactic acid, excess accumulation of these muscles in the biochemical causes fatigue. Massage movements, patting and other manipulations described in the mechanical and physiological effects and reduce muscle fatigue.

Passive heating and motivation in sports activities with the aim of pre-In order to overcome fatigue after sports activity

Newed later in the faith that should not be the only time, quality objectives for the convenience of our guests have developed and increased even more.

All organizations, impeccable service, a fully equipped technical infrastructure, equipment and human resources, combined with years of experience and know-how.

Wedding organization of dance music to be, the reception of responses to invitations to your guests as much as placing all the details that are important to realize an organization that correct thinking. Be ready for an organization as beautiful as your dreams …

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