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Batigoz Hospital İzmir Çankaya

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Number Of Doctors8
Number Of Beds-
Spoken LanguageEnglish
Distance To Airport-
International Patient Service yes
Accredited Institution no

In 2004, we started with a couple of my colleagues to provide services in the field of Ophtahmology, in a medical center in the heart of Izmir. Today, we continue to be the solution for all major eye diseases with a team of over 250-personnel, a hospital and 3 branches solely in Izmir.After the opening of our Çankaya center in Izmir we gradually sustained our growth path and planned a year later the opening of our first branch in Hatay – Izmir in 2005 and again one year later in 2006 our Sirinyer –  Izmir branch.In 2007 we expanded beyond the borders of Izmir and opened our Diyarbakir Hospital whilst seeing a continues growth in the number of patients we served througout all hospitals and branch offices year after year.After the opening of our Diyarbakir Hospital we started reviewing investment options abroad. As a result of this research we opened our first hospital aboard in Bucharest – Romania under the brand name of West-Eye Hospital in 2010. We still continue to serve Romanian people today with a crew of 35 people in a beautifull hospital in the heart of Bucharest.In 2011, another investment option materialized in Erbil, Northern Iraq where we established a full-fledged hospital, also  under the name of West-Eye Hospital. In this region we have started to offer medical services to both local citizens as well as the settled Turkish population in that area. In 2014, being aware of the potential in the area of Northern Iraq, we have established another hospital in Sulaymaniyah in order to meet the increasing demand for Ophtahmology.In 2015, we have focused our attention on Istanbul and started offering services by opening our first branch in Altunizade on the Anatolian side of the city. The enhancement efforts in our Istanbul hospital are still in progress. In addition to this we are also eyeing other growth options in Istanbul on the European side which we have planned to open in the coming years.We continue to sustain our investments related to Medical Tourism as a part of the sectoral guidance and incentives of the Ministry of Health. Our aim is to provide the best service to foreign patients visiting Turkey and thus contributing to the promotion of  our country.Among the other ongoing projects, we have recently also agreed to start hospital projects effective 2016, in Batman and Manisa. Two projects in areas with great potential that personally excite me a lot.As you can see over the years Batigoz & West Eye Health group grew significantly to a size now, that requires a fully equipped corporate team to manage it and further develop the business for the future.In 2015 and owards, we will continue to grow with solid steps with this specialized corporate team in the lead who joined us as part of our institutionalization efforts along with our transfer to Istanbul.We sustain our services with the aim to establish patient-doctor relationships with empathy. We also continue to increase the number of our hospitals, using the latest technology and know-how available and providing all necessary training and support to our medical staff creating a work & service culture which serves all our patients needs.

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