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Bilim İlaç

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The rules of today’s business world are changing; it is not enough anymore for companies to focus only on profitability in order to be “sustainable” and successful. Companies have to be aware of their economic, social and environmental responsibilities to their stakeholders and demonstrate effort to fulfil these responsibilities.Bilim Pharmaceuticals, which is a corporate citizen, the priority issues in sustainability are human happiness, social development and environmental protection. We seek to develop ourselves in these matters and produce pioneering and innovative practices, which may be an example for others. We establish structures that support these practices, keep view of the developments through these structures, determine the areas that are open to improvement, design improvement plans, and try to not only reach our targets, but also to surpass them.Within the framework of our reputation management model, we go to great lengths to fulfil our corporate responsibilities, in order to ensure the sustainability of our company based on respect for future generations and ethical management values. We always give place to the following matters on our agenda: employee rights, occupational health and safety, individual development of employees, equality of opportunity, social investment, product responsibility, fair competition, ethical purchase, environmental protection, energy efficiency, and process and production innovations and legal compliance.