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Delta Trade Company

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DELTA TRADE COMPANY in 1995 in Hannover – Germany, after this in 1997 were established in Istanbul – Turkey. DTC is currently privately held venture doing business in the field of importing medical equipment, hospital and laboratory supplies with a view to market them throughout Turkey, and neighbors countries, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Moldova and Kosova, also the company applied after sales services to their customers by big and professional technician staff who were finished education from technician institutes or Engineering faculties from universities. It was established as an independent company and therefore is not part of any larger group of companies.

DTC’s headquarter is located in Istanbul and the legal status of the company is a family enterprise. It is noteworthy to state that it is one of the most prominent trade companies operating in medical market at the time when it is established.
DELTA TRADE COMPANY is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 Quality Management System certified and specialized in equipping medical facilities worldwide.