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DoktoraGel.com which comes into service in the field of the health tourism which rapidly grows in Turkey aims to be the online health portal giving the best service to its members.doktoraGel.com whose project and infrastructure have been prepared by İDA Bilgi Teknolojileri Yazılım ve Danışmanlık Şirketi (İDA Information Technologies Software and Consultancy Company) presents “tailor-made and fast” solutions to the domestic and foreign medical tourists.The members of new address of health tourism DoktoraGel.com can reach to the most correct doctors regarding their health problems and get appointments from them and can benefit from the free-of-charge health consultancies and from the elite health institutions and organizations in various regions of Turkey with appropriate opportunities.DoktoraGel.com members can get transportation, accommodation, accompaniment, shopping and translation services to see the historical and natural beauties of Turkey as well as meeting their health needs.