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Göbeklioğlu Medical Systems

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Göbeklioğlu Medical Systems (GMS), since 1985, the professional health care organizations, state hospitals, professional athletes,taking care of the beauty and health sector offers wellness devices and equipment for individuals. The world’s renowned brand of health importers, who provide sales, marketing and after-sale technical support GMS, one of the leading companies in the sector since its inception …There are no products in niche markets such as undertaking a special mission to bring to market innovative and bold in bringing advanced technology GMS acts show leadership in every field. GMS, to serve in the health field, with the belief that social responsibility is also brought conducting scientific work together with universities and research hospital and is supporting the training project; GMS years for university students providing scholarships. Various exhibitions abroad and within the country, attending conferences and training seminars GMS, there is always contribute to the health sector It aims.