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Gripin Pharmaceutical

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Pharmaceutical Inc. The birth of influenza, in the 1930s, a Turkish entrepreneur, his passion for local production, the pharmaceutical industry began with the potential to bring together in one of Turkey’s first signing.
This passion, in 1931, among the people “panacea,” he has written one of the most important milestones with the start of production of the drug has referred to the history of influenza in golden letters. It was a milestone that it stayed a short time in how the flu that does not use neither.
That’s great entrepreneurs pursuing this passion, Pharm. Necip Akar. Necip Akar, this initiative began with Gripin’in birth, by continuing with Opon, these two products with a vision to provide every house entering, Grip with its current name Pharmaceuticals Inc., it has secured the signing permanent success.
Today, leaving us such a gift Pharm. Necip Akar offers our endless thanks and we remember him with respect and love.