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Pharmactive Pharma

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Pharmactive  Pharmaceutical has been founded in December of 2010 with the conception of “how happy is one who remediate a sickness”.  Pharmactive which laid its production facility’s foundation on the Valentine’s Day on 14th of February 2011, with more that 200 millions dollars investment, gave a factory with a capacity of 330 million boxes production annually. Pharmactive production facility founded on a 108 thousands square meters area, with its first stage which has 42.500 square meters closed area, is one of the biggest and the most modern production facilities. The facility, with 80 thousands square meters closed area and with a capacity of 550 million boxes production annually, will become one of the best production facilities in Europe. Pharmactive puts its medications which are developed by innovative approach in various therapeutic fields into service of doctors, chemists and patients via experienced team, “patient focused” understanding and high quality.