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Tüm Ekip Pharmaceutical

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All the team is composed of members of the core team of pharmaceutical drug industry.
Our experienced staff in the different areas of expertise, our company name and logo have met with us to create a strong team spirit symbolized.All team Pharmaceuticals in 2000, experts in their fields Oguz Hamza was founded by a management team.
Hamza OĞUZ in the pharmaceutical sector this year has completed 50 years of service.Our founder Hamza Oguz, between the years 1962 -1980, Turkey’s largest drug store group distribution channel partner, Board Member and has served as General Manager.Between the years 1981-2000 in the box, and General Coordinator of Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry as partner and CEO of a company within the first 5 of the turnover of the last 10 years and has also served as general manager duties.From 2000 to this day, all team Pharmaceutical Inc. President and CEO of the Board of Directors.All team Pharmaceutical Inc. Our studies, which are the basic elements of initial antibiotic therapy has been vital to focus on generic antibiotics.Short and medium term in our first 10 years with around 70 pharmaceutical forms part of our objectives is provided generic injectable antibiotic product registration has health care delivery.