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Vem Pharmaceuticals

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Vem Pharmaceuticals is a national company, which is conscious that Turkey must be strong in drug industry. With this awareness and relying on future of Turkey’s pharmaceutical industry, VEM Pharmaceuticals started factory investment in 2011.Vem Pharmaceuticals started factory construction with closed area of 8.000 m2, on 21 acres of land in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Site. The plant will have started manufacturing in 2013.In our factory, in addition to tablet, capsule, cream, pomade, syrup and liquid drug forms such as suspension specific product manufacturing will be performed,too.Vem Pharmaceuticals cares about doctors, pharmacists, patients, government institutions and organizations, its business associates and employees and it always acts in corporation with them within the scope of ethical rules.Vem Pharmaceuticals, which is in corporation with many international companies in line with its objectives, is determined to be in Turkey Pharmaceutical Sector and international drug market consistently with its specialized, educated and young staff and without departing from vision of sustainable growth.