Pay Attention To These Symptoms

From Üsküdar University of NPISTANBUL Neuropsychiatry Hospital Asst. Assoc. Dr. Havva Nüket İşiten said that autism shows symptoms in various fields such as behavior, intelligence, communication and language development, game, attention and activites.

Symptoms of autism;

  • You can not make eye contact with them from infancy. They can not make some gestures like bye bye.
  • They can gesture objects with adults hands what they want in early childhood.
  • They are indifferent; they do not mind often when their name is called, they pretended not to hear.
  • They have not social smile.
  • They talk in a monotonous tone and without reflecting any sense.
  • They do not observe the environment and do not imitate.
  • They have difficulty in understanding other people’s thoughts and feelings.
  • They may exhibit a different look from time to time in the normal use of their hands and their posture. For example toe walking, to repeat certain movements, rocking back and forth on one foot, twirling around.
  • Small muscle motor skills such as paper cutting, throwing cubes into the box, threading breads are very weak.
  • Self-injurious behaviors, aggression against objects and people can be serious at the level that would require drug treatment.
  • They dependence on objects daily routine, they resist to even small changes and can have tantrums.
  • Even when they are 5 years old nearly half of them can not develop a language.
  • Sometimes they can demonstrate long-term interest to a piece of rope, a bag, a small turning objects.



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