Protect Yourself from Disease with Vegetables

Anadolu Medical Center Nutrition and Diet Expert Ulaş Özdemir talked about the benefits of winter vegetables.


Helps to protect stomach and intestines. It protects against diabetes and colon cancer.

Brussels sprouts

It strengthens the immunity. Reduce the development of cancer because of its high antioxidant content. Reduces heart disease and diabetes risk. It contains omega-3 fatty acids.


It helps protect the intestines. Broccoli contains proteins more than many vegetables. It helps to reduce cholesterol and reduces cancer risk.


Protect the digestive system from chronic diseases. Since the amount of sulforaphane is high, it plays an important role in reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.


Antioxidant content is high. It has protective effects against diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer. It is effective in eye health and supports brain functions.


It is effective in eye health and plays a protective role against lung cancer. It helps the skin look younger.


It protects the eye health, balances the blood sugar, reduces the risk of cancer thanks to the antioxidants.


Balances blood cholesterol levels and help in Alzheimer’s disease.


It is protective against heart and blood vessel disease. Folic acid content is high, preventing neural tube defect in newborn babies. Vitamin A content is high.


Balance blood pressure, help to cardiovascular system diseases and digestion. It prevents the formation of cancer cells.


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