Solutions To Anorexia

Dietician İpek Ağaca Özger gave 15 solutions for anorexia in children.

  1. Convince him/her eating is very important.
  2. Feel your child that eating is funny.
  3. Make meals attractive for your child.
  4. Do not force him/her to eat meal, do not insist.
  5. Accustom to foods that he/she does not like by using his/her favorite foods in the diet.
  6. Make sure that he/she does not consume beverages before meals.
  7. Be careful that foods do not be mixed taste.
  8. Create a variety of foods that your child consumes.
  9. Choose lunch hours well.
  10. Set servings well.
  11. Protect your child from unhealthy snacks.
  12. Do not remind foods that he/she does not like.
  13. Allow him/her to help you in the kitchen.
  14. Say different names to foods.
  15. Do not give meal to your child in front of a beloved cartoon.

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