What You Can Eat In Istanbul

Do you like tasting different flavors. Do you want to taste traditional or famous foods or beverages where you travel. Then you will be happy in Istanbul. Many part of İstanbul are known with its unique flavors. We make a list about what you can eat in Istanbul.



Ortaköy host not only spectacular view of Bosphorus and Bridge but also cafes and restaurants. Ortaköy is famous with its baked potato named Kumpir in Turkish. There are many stalls and cafes which serve Kumpir. It is baked with its skin. Potato cleaved in twain and mix with butter and kasseri. Then you choose numerous ingredients as mayonnaise, pickles, corn. You can eat your Kumpir across the Bosphorus.


Kanlıca- Yogurt

Kanlıca situated in Asian part of Istanbul. There are too many shores and wooden houses built with Ottoman architecture. Kanlıca is very quiet place with its sea side and grove. Kanlıca is famous for its yogurt since 17th century. You can taste Kanlıca yogurt in traditional shops and cafes. The dinstinctive feature of Kanlıca yogurt is, eaten with powdered sugar.



Karaköy is a historical quarter of Istanbul. It is known as region of port and banks. In Karaköy there is Istanbul’s oldest baklava shop. It opened in 1949. Baklava is a traditional Ottoman desert. Chopped peanuts filled into too many layers of filo and cut into regular piece before baking. Eventually syrup is poured over the baklava.


Sultanahmet-Meat ball

Sultanahmet is a historical peninsula. Many of touristic tours begin in Sultanahmet. It is surrounded with mosques, bazaars, traditional baths and museums. Sultanahmet is also famous for its meat balls. It ıs served with bean salad and ayran.


Süleymaniye-Cannellini Bean

Süleymaniye is a small and old quarter of İstanbul. It takes its name from famous Turkish architect Mimar Sinan’s Süleymaniye Mosque. Accross the mosque you can see restaurants that served traditional Cannellini Bean meal with rice, salad and pickle.



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