Which Food And When

Liv Ankara Hospital Diet and Nutrition Specialist Gaye Başkurt and Müge Özturna told that which food we should eat and when.


In breakfast reduce the oil and prefer the fiber foods. Choose foods such as low-fat cheeses, egg, a small amount of olive, green vegetables, whole wheat bread, a small amount of honey.


Balance your energy by choosing protein at lunch. This meal in the middle of the day; be able to fulfill 30-40 percent of daily energy and should not tire of the digestive system as well.


Consume yogurt and wheat pilaw with vegetables in the evening. Easy digestive of foods do not tire metabolism in the dinner time.


Stabilize your blood sugar with raw almonds and nuts in snacks. Choose a small amount of oil seeds as well as fruits. Thanks to the omega-3 fatty acid found in, these seeds leave the stomach later than other foods.


Two hours before bed time a small snack consists of 1 cup of fruit and kefir provide comfortable functioning of digestive system.


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