With Genetic Test IVF Success Increases

Centrum Clinic Women’s Health and IVF Center Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Prof. Dr. Recai Pabuççu said that because of the genetic problem of the eggs in older ages, the success rate of IVF may be low.

For example, even if we have 10 eggs over 40 years, of which at least 7 of them are problematic. There isn’t any egg-enhancing medication. Well, then we need to detect and deliver a genetically healthy embryo in the in vitro fertilization process.

Steps of this process:

  1. Collecting eggs
  2. We do fertilization with microinjection
  3. We do a 5 to 6 cell biopsy from the mature 5th-day embryo
  4. Freezing embryos
  5. We transfer healthy ones according to the genetic results.


  1. Old age failures or miscarriages are avoided
  2. Time to reach pregnancy is getting shorter
  3. Possible problems in the baby (such as Down Syndrome) are being avoided

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