Your Pain Can Be Treated Without Medication

Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Özgür Türker told about in which case osteopathy is used which is a pain treatment method.

  • Injuries during sports
  • Sleep problems, nervous tension, constant fatigue, stress
  • Headaches (migraine, tension, etc.)
  • In movement, function, walking, balance and coordination disorders
  • Posture disorders such as kyphosis, scoliosis
  • Waist, neck, backache, neck, back and waist muscle problems,
  • In relieving pain after surgery,
  • As a promoter in the treatment of hormone disorders,
  • In circulatory system disorders,
  • As a supportive treatment for constipation, diarrhea, urinary incontinence, dyspepsia, gas, abdominal pain and malfunctions of the digestive organs,
  • Swallowing, vomiting, head deformity in babies
  • can be used as a supportive treatment in allergic and chronic diseases, acute pain,

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